Our goal is to find a cure for cancer in our lifetime. We believe collaboration is the key and your donations will help us fund better data for researchers and better access to that data. 

As one mom said, "The science is out there, but the funding isn't"

We want to help you change the world today by bridging the gap between funding and science.

Your Gift Will...

  • Reward young researchers for sharing their data

  • Fund cooperative and cutting-edge clinical trials across over 20 institutions

  • Cover travel and living expenses for families who have to move to a different city for their child's cancer treatment

  • Provide patients with access to life-saving trial drugs

  • Much more!

Want Your Gift to do EVEN MORE? Check out our monthly giving program, Strength in Numbers!

Dragon Master Foundation works closely with the National Cancer Institute and a network of over 17 hospitals who have agreed to share data to speed cancer research. We have helped develop a large scale database that houses genomic, clinical and environmental data on pediatric brain tumors, and that can be used as a model for research into other types of cancer and rare disease. We support open data projects that share data with the world - not just a select group of hospitals - and that share that data as quickly as possible so we can impact patients of today.

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