Data interoperability on a global scale

For one of the first times ever, we met with someone who knew about data interoperability on a global scale. Building systems, making them effective and efficient, and using them to change industries are all in a days work for the folks we got to meet with this weekend. We’re truly on the way to something spectacular, and you’re all coming along! Next stop, safe, effective cancer treatments!! Visit the original Facebook post here.

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Dragon Master Foundation works closely with the National Cancer Institute and a network of over 17 hospitals who have agreed to share data to speed cancer research. We have helped develop a large scale database that houses genomic, clinical and environmental data on pediatric brain tumors, and that can be used as a model for research into other types of cancer and rare disease. We support open data projects that share data with the world - not just a select group of hospitals - and that share that data as quickly as possible so we can impact patients of today.

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